I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

nowhere to hide when I'm getting you close

I am in a much better place than the last time I posted. Sometimes life just gets too heavy, you know? Thanks to everyone who left a happy thing or a hug on my last post. I appreciate you all!

Tonight I get Mexican food and drinks with friends and I'm very happy about that.

When B was here, we discovered that I had downloaded KA Mitchell's book Risk Everything On It but had not managed to actually READ it. So, since I developed a major crush on Jared Jax in the previous book, I was stoked to finally start his story. No one (seriously, no one) writes M/M like KA Mitchell and I looove it.

B also got me started reading Captive Prince fic and I'm obsessed. I asked for recs on Twitter but nobody shared. :( If you have any, I want them!

AND, I just recently got around to watching the Bones finale...HOLY MOLY. Have you seen it? I was shocked! They totally got me.

One of our interns (who studies film) suggested I watch Wolf of Wall Street, which I did. It was fascinating in it's horribleness, I couldn't look away! I got the book to read too, but haven't managed it yet.

Also, still podcasts.

And Dexter.

And Jared's dimples. And Jensen's real grin.

And YOU.

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