I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I'll be your lifeline tonight

SO, YOU GUYS. My boss retires this Friday and school starts on Monday and after that I will no longer be surrounded by the unholy smell of teenage boys all day and probably won't cry anymore at work! It's all very exciting!

I decided to celebrate by taking a note from Pop Culture Happy Hour and share a list of things that made me happy this week:

  • My biggest event of the year is OVER and was mildly successful and I am happy and it is OVER!

  • The Olympics! OBSESSED.

  • @boomerrphelps's instagram -- such a sweet and cute baby, I want to snuggle him!

  • Discovered that Anna Farris has a podcast, it's called Anna Farris is Unqualified and it is delightful! The most recent ep had Patti Stanger (LOVE) on and in addition to PS's normal schtick, they also discussed what's trendy in lady landscaping and how they'd like to drug Chris (Pratt, Anna's husband) and double-team him. It's just a really fun show that's unpretentious and honest and good.

  • Daily Harvest smoothies. They come pre-measured and frozen, you just add liquid (I favor coconut or almond milk) and blend. I make them all at one time and then re-freeze. Then, every morning I just pull one out, let it thaw while I drive to work and sip on it all morning. It's SO GOOD, nutritious, and makes me feel like I'm balancing out the Sonic cherry slush I will inevitably order later in the day.

  • This song, which I listened to on repeat yesterday the entire time I was grocery shopping:

  • Carter Dane. NGH.
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