I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?

I keep feeling like I can't pop in here unless I am caught up on all things J2 and I very much am NOT and SIGH. But Dallas con is in two weeks and I will be there and that's a huge YAY!

I finally finished Stranger Things and it was so good and I am SO OBSESSED. I really want a mix of all the music played on the show, and also I would really like to continue crushing on Sheriff Hopper, and ALSO the whole thing is creepy and happy-making -- both.

Has anyone reading this every had their eyelashes tinted? I'm thinking about doing it. I've given up on mascara, it just will not stay in place. I've tried every brand anyone recommends, I use face primer and eyelid primer, I dust with powder...all the things you're supposed to do! But, nope. I don't need or want extensions but a little tint would be perfect. HMMM.

It's thundering and raining outside and so pretty and cool (temperature-wise) and calming to me. There's a wee bird taking refuge in one of my shrubs and Dexter hasn't taken his eyes off it in ten minutes. Cat TV!

OK, gotta run. *blows kisses*
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