I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

in need of delicious water

I really, really want the grey and orange shirt Jared wore in Dallas. Does anyone know what brand it is or where to get it? Could also use a beautiful icon of him wearing said shirt...*cough*

Tomorrow I have to get a cavity filled, blergh. And then, an hour after that, I'm going to a Lularoe party. Hopefully I won't be drooling still. Oh well. I've never even seen these clothes but apparently they're amazing so I'm gonna check 'em out!

Remember awhile back when I asked you guys to suggest some Modcloth dresses? Well, I ordered six of them, B and I had a fashion show, I picked two and returned the rest. Exciting, yeah? So thanks to everyone but especially tsuki_no_bara and loveisimmortal for knowing my own style better than me!

(ETA: I kept this dress and also this one!)

B also suggested I sign up for Dia and Co, which I did, so hopefully I'll be getting my clothing situation under control soon.

Today I've been having a lazy day of rewatching Scrubs and looking at pics of Carter and Colby. (Thank you big_heart_june!) I also cleaned out part of my closet and noncon-snuggled Dexter. It's been a good day.
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