I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

boss up and change your life

Life is spinning me in many different directions and I miss you guys!

Did y'all see that Jared and Stephen Amell released a wine? I kind of want it just for the bottle but it's expensive! Love the name, the cool label, the description. It's all really impressive.

I bought a new washer and dryer! It's still fun to do laundry so...haha. I'm enjoying them. Such an improvement from the set we bought 17 year ago.

I have absolutely MAINLINED the tv show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Do any of you watch it? It's so, so good. Funny. Original. The characters are amazing. Possibly I have an ex who looks like a less buff version of Josh Chan. It also is possible that I extremely over-identify with Greg. He pretty much IS me.

Also recently caught up on Veep. It's interesting, also good characters. But I expected it to be funnier? Oh well. It was good to have on in the background while I folded the aforementioned laundry, hehe.

Saturday I met a guy who had through-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. He was 61 years old when he did it. It took 166 days and he lost 53 pounds. He said it was something he'd always wanted to do so when he retired, he did it! Amazing. Such an inspiration. I loved getting to hear about it and see his gorgeous pictures.

Tomorrow is my performance review. The very first one my crazy ex-boss has not seen or touched. Of course my current boss is out on an extended mental health break (for real) so the AD is going to administer it. Yoinks. *bites nails*

In other news, six days until my birthday! And, in two weeks I'll be in Pittsburgh for a pro conference i"m very excited about. Good things for looking forward!

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