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The weekend before Thanksgiving, my brother's family was briefly here so I got two days of Addison and Drew time! My Dad and I spontaneously took them to a late viewing of Fantastic Beasts, which they thought was an amazing treat. It was entertaining -- the special effects were wonderful. There were a lot of slow parts though. Afterwards, I mentioned that it was a bit scary and Addison said, "Oh yeah, I was so scared!" And I said, "But you liked it right (being scared)?" And she was like, "YES!" Haha, love that kid. She held my hand through the whole movie. Sweet Drew fell asleep immediately when the lights dimmed. (He takes medication at night that puts him to sleep. But he didn't want to be left behind so we took him anyway.)

Had a lovely, relaxing, laid back Thanksgiving with just me and my Mom and Dad. It was sincerely one of our best in years.

Have any of you watched the TV show Search Party? I am dying to discuss!

I'm also reading a really great book, The Jewel by Amy Ewing. For one thing, it's forced pregnancy, my fave trope. For another, the writing is so engaging, the world is instantly relatable even though it is not our world, ad I feel like I just fall down into a hole when I read it and have to fight my way to the surface of reality again when I stop.

A co-worker and I are doing a distance learning program in December. It's bilingual and this is my new favorite story time song, I sing it to Dexter constantly:

AND! I am obsessed (OBSESSED) with this song, which beadslut found and shared with me on twitter:


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