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To Do List for 2004

The cool kids over at Math+1 were talking about making New Year's resolutions. They decided that resolutions were no good (seriously, who keeps them?) but that it was perfectly reasonable to make a To Do List for 2004. (And you KNOW how much I loooove lists!)

They picked 104 as the right number of things to include. 100 because it's enough that you really have to think about it and the extra 4 for the year in 2004. No item is too big or too small.

I challenge each of you to do this and post your list. A lot of people broke their lists down into categories (i.e. all the "health" things together, etc.) I just wrote mine down as they came to me. If it helps you to make groups then do that. Lemme see!

Here's mine:

1. Go to church at least once a month. January February March April May June July August September October November December
2. Take Val to obedience classes.
3. Eat healthier.
4. Start walking again.
5. Continue to develop my relationship with Chris and figure out where we want things to go. And when. And be patient and smart about it.
6. Work on paying down my debts. (Not possible for me to pay them off in a year's time, but I can make a dent.)
7. Find a job that doesn't make me dread waking up in the morning.
8. Place a TSC feature story. (This is a work goal.)
9. Send out Christmas cards in 2004.
10. Quit complaining about money. Everyone in the world knows I don't have any, no one wants or needs to hear it. Let's just move on.
11. Allow other people to help me.
12. Say please and thank you and no.
13. Continue to work on being nice to waiters.
14. Find someplace that a) offers Yoga classes, b) does not charge an arm and a leg, and c) has classes at times I can go.
15. Keep Max and Val healthy and safe.
16. Figure out WHAT my hair is trying to do.
17. Ask the dentist about fixing my overbite.
18. Figure out how to use those Crest Whitestrip things.
19. Continue to take my lunch three or four times a week.
20. Pray more for other people.
21. Remember to make thankful prayers every day too.

22. Drink two liters of water every single day.
23. Visit the Dublin Dr Pepper factory.
24. Clean out my closet and take everything discarded to Goodwill.
25. Clean out the backyard shed.
26. Get new pictures made of Max and Val.
27. Find someone to make my computer run correctly again.
28. Win one game of Trivial Pursuit.
29. Survive having (who?) meet my parents. (Oh, they'll love each other. The Wendy-anxiety may kill ME though.)
30. Cook an entire meal from scratch.
31. Bleach out all of my white socks, t-shirts, underwear and sheets.
32. Start saving for a king-sized bed.
33. Take more pictures.
34. Grow a new plant. (Inside in a pot or in the backyard, doesn't matter)
35. Get a slipcover for the upstairs couch.
36. Fight less with Mom. She's only trying to help.
37. Send Valentines to my friends.
38. Dye Easter eggs.
39. Find excuses to spend time around kids.
40. Actually buy a bottle of my perfume instead of using the teeny sample thing I have been using.
41. Find out if the vet can clean Max and Val's teeth for me. Cause I ain't doing it, that's for sure.
42. Have a girl's-day-out with Jai.
43. Update my address book.
44. Find out birthdays for people that I don't already have written down.
45. Update my calendar with everyone's birthdays.
46. Cry less.
47. Laugh more.

48. Focus less on the past and more on the future.
49. Stop being friends with toxic people.
50. Realize that it's ok for other people to be mad at me and that I don't necessarily have to be the one to “fix it.”
51. Work on trusting people more. (Again?)
52. Improve my self-esteem.
53. Learn to take a compliment.
54. Figure out where would be the best place for me to live.
55. Clean out my filing cabinets at home.
56. Take a trip somewhere I've never been.
57. Do at least one thing that I've never done before.
58. Don't buy so many frivolous things.
59. Encourage my friends. Be supportive.
60. Consciously work on bringing more hope, joy, and love into my life and the lives of the people I care about.
61. Write more letters. On paper, with envelopes.
62. Read something that moves me spiritually. (Any suggestions?)
63. Work to bond with Andy, April and Luis.
64. Read something Nick Hornby wrote.
65. Get the broken lug nut on my car fixed.
66. Memorize The Apostle's Creed.
67. Find a hobby. (Shopping doesn't count.)
68. Buy things that I want for my new, as yet non-existent house. (Cool doorknobs, for example.)
69. Figure out how to make the heels of my feet look/feel less gross.
70. Figure out once and for all what my bra size REALLY is. This probably means I need a professional fitting.
71. Figure out that alkaline/acidic thing going on with my body.
72. Schedule Oscar night with Jai.
73. Go to tea with Mom.
74. Send out more care packages.
75. Learn a little about something new.
76. Vote.
77. Bring something to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. (Please let it be pumpkin crunch or something Mandy makes.)
78. Make dog biscuits with Dad. Make it a priority. Don't wait until the last minute.
79. Call Dondie. Make plans to hang out. Soon.
80. Forgive Karen.
81. Take a walk in the rain.
82. Count my blessings.
83. Allow myself to recharge every once in awhile. If needed, be selfish about it.
84. Throw out, donate or give away things I don't use or like.
85. Figure out how to cook something in a crock-pot.
86. Pick a mantra and learn to say it in three different languages.
87. Investigate online bill paying.
88. Speaking of that, decide if I want to change banks or not.
89. Upgrade my cell phone plan so I quit going over my minutes every month.
90. Tell Andy that I'm proud of him.
91. Remember how special Mandy made my 31st birthday and make her 2004 birthday just as special.
92. Buy a new wallet.
93. Comment more often on LJ.
94. Revive my professional network. (Lost it when I moved to Dallas.)
95. Write something I'm proud of. Anything. At work or home. Just one thing.
96. Teach the dogs to sleep downstairs.
97. Make thoughtful choices.
98. Be more tolerant of other people's choices. And supportive too.
99. Buy a new black work suit. (Or ask for it for my birthday.)
100. Take the stairs more often.
101. Listen to a greater variety of music. I love all the new stuff Mandy and Chris have introduced me to this year. I want more.
102. Learn to change the freaking porch light bulb without Dad's help.
103. Visit El Tesoro. (I've only been there twice since my car wreck.)
104. Get a good luck charm.
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