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2005 To Do List

Last year, the cool kids over at Math+1 were talking about making New Year's resolutions. They decided that resolutions were no good (seriously, who keeps them?) but that it was perfectly reasonable to make a To Do List. (And you KNOW how much I loooove lists!)

They picked 104 as the right number of things to include. 100 because it's enough that you really have to think about it and the extra 4 for the year in 2004. No item is too big or too small.

I made a 2004 To Do list and enjoyed it. Got quite a bit accomplished because of it too! Two lessons learned though:
-I had too many items that were dependant on other people. Even when I'd done my part or made my best effort, there were things I wasn't able to mark off because other people didn't cooperate.
-Items need to be qualifiable. How much is "more?" So when it was possible, I tried to be specific this time.

I challenge each of you to do this for 2005 and post your list. Lemme see!

Here's mine:

2005 To Do List

1. Buy myself something from Tiffany.
2. Rip all my CDs to iTunes.
3. Visit the Dallas Museum of Natural History.
4. Wash my hands on a more regular basis. Consider becoming obsessive about it.
5. Weigh less on December 31, 2005 then I do on January 5, 2005. (163)
6. See 10 movies in the theater.
-Finding Neverland
-The Aviator
-Mr. and Mrs. Smith
-Batman Begins
-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
-Sky High
-Goblet of Fire

7. Leave 1000 comments on Live Journal. (Starting Comments Posted: 17,174.)
8. Eat more slowly. Take smaller bites. Chew food more thoroughly.
9. Stop using the word “hate.”
10. Polish all my tarnished sterling silver jewelry.
11. Order copies of all three of my credit reports.
12. Take time every day to notice the beauty hiding around me.
13. Recycle my Pepsi One can. Every day.
14. Decide whether or not I REALLY want to spend the money on an iPod.
15. Get my new charms put on my charm bracelet.
16. Clean the living room carpet.
17. Pray more for other people.
18. Make more thankful prayers.

19. Visit the Coppell library at least twice.
-May 7, 2005
-May 16, 2005
20. Visit the Dublin Dr Pepper plant.
21. Read at least 20 books. Keep a list.
1. Gut Feelings by Carnie Wilson
2. Heart Full of Lies by Ann Rule
3. Two Puppies by Jane Stern
4. Filthy Rich by Dorothy Samuels
5. The Snowman's Children by Glen Hirshberg
6. In The Still of the Night by Jill Churchill
7. Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
8. The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Marilyn Manson
9. Bad Boy by Olivia Goldsmith
10. The Secret History by Donna Tartt
11. Celeste by V.C. Andrews
12. Dying to Please by Linda Howard
13. Tell No One by Harlan Coben
14. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer
15. If Looks Could Kill by Kate White
16. Southern Fried by Cathy Pickens
17. Just Friends by Robyn Sisman
18. PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
19. The Next Big Thing by Johanna Edwards
20. Homebody by Orson Scott Card

22. Look for ways to add exercise into my day (i.e. park farther away, take the stairs, etc.)
23. Organize files and filing cabinet.
24. Clean out garage.
25. Continue saving for a king-sized bed.
26. Pay down my debts.
27. Take a new family pic to use on my Christmas cards.
28. Send out 2005 Christmas cards.

29. Find a dermatologist.
30. Send handwritten letters on actual stationery to my friends and family.
31. Write thank you notes for every little thing.
32. Buy a book on etiquette.
33. Clean off black bookcase.
34. Print and frame family Christmas pic, my Christmas card pic, and the pic of Max and Santa that got broken.
35. Put new batteries in my two old dress watches.
36. Buy at least one new piece of sexy lingerie.
37. Visit at least two churches.
38. Say please and thank you.
39. Continue to take my lunch three or four times a week.

40. Get my passport.
41. Bleach out all of my white socks, underwear, t-shirts and sheets.
42. Take more pictures.
43. Find excuses to spend time around kids.
44. Arrange to get pedicures with Jai. Do my best to make it happen.
45. Put my change in the tip jar.
46. Consciously work on bringing more hope, joy, and love into my life and the lives of the people I care about.
47. Memorize The Apostle's Creed.
48. Figure out once and for all what my bra size REALLY is. This probably means I need a professional fitting.
49. Get regular pedicures during sandal season, keep my heals looking decent.
50. Learn a little about something new.
51. Visit one place I've never been before.
52. Cook something for Thanksgiving dinner with my family.
53. Make plans to bake dog biscuits with Dad in December.
54. Arrange dinner with Dondie and Heather.
55. Make thoughtful choices.
56. Be there for my friends. Listen...instead of just inserting my own opinions.
57. Invest in nice, classic clothes instead of buying what's cheap and trendy.
58. Make a decision about whether or not I can afford to stay at my current job.
59. Get the pictures off my old computer and throw the piece-of-crap AWAY!
60. Keep Max and Val healthy and safe.
61. Read something that moves me spiritually.
62. Buy five three new pairs of panties, five three new bras and five new pairs of socks.
63. Organize hose drawer.
64. Buy at least two new pairs of work shoes that are NOT black.
65. Keep after landlords until they fix the fence.
66. Resign my lease for one more year.
67. Figure out how to work the sprinkler system. Get on a schedule with that.
68. Get out cappuccino maker and explore starting to use it again.
69. Clean out kitchen cabinets and counter tops.
70. Clean out desk – both at home and at work.
71. Fix home office mini-blind.
72. Clean out hall/coat closet.
73. Clean out both bedroom closets. Take discards to Goodwill.
74. Find and buy a nice pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down and a nice, white, fitted dress shirt.
75. Work to make my life one I love, the life I've dreamed of. But at the same time, work with what comes my way.
76. Listen to what people are saying, even if it's something I don't want to hear.
77. Listen to a greater variety of music. Constantly look for ways to be exposed to new types of music, new artists, etc.
78. Drink two liters of water. Every day.
79. Take a multivitamin. Every day.

80. Look around for an interesting book club that is at a time I can go, with people my own age. On-line or offline.
81. Talk to Mandy and decide if we're going on a trip this year and if so, where. If we aren't going on a trip to someplace, can I visit North Dakota? If not, should we postpone for a year?
82. Update my calendar with people's birthdays.
83. Update my address book with people's addresses.
84. Write fan mail.

-Ann Rule, January 2, 2005
-Mary Dulle, January 5, 2005
-Janet Evanovich, January 7, 2005
-Kelly Clarkson, January 31, 2005
-laughingirl, March 9, 2005
-Anna Quindlen, April 4, 2005
-Amy Krouse Rosenthal, April 27, 2005
-Johanna Edwards, June 7, 2005
-emmagrant01, August 30, 2005
-Frances Potter, August 31, 2005

85. Clean out and organize my work Rolodex.
86. Move all of my "Quotes of the Day" into a central, searchable location.
87. Make plans to go to the movies at least once with Stephanie Coggin.
88. Give more attention to Max and Val on a daily basis, even when I'm tired or stressed.
89. Uphold my own morals and values. Every day.
90. Buy and read New Women's Dress for Success.

91. Learn to communicate my feelings more effectively so that people don't feel attacked.
92. Stop apologizing for my feelings.
93. Demand better. From myself. From others. From inanimate objects.

94. Buy The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health. I have an old, old edition and it is invaluable.
95. Get my hair cut and highlighted by someone who comes highly recommended.
96. Update and refine my resume and bio.
97. Continue my weekly Top-Secret-Wendy-Recharge-Nights.
98. Figure out how to show people that I care about them without spending money I don't have on presents and care packages.
99. Do something nice, and unexpected, for my mom.
100. Fix overhead kitchen light. (I need a second person to help me make this happen – it's a two-person job.)
101. Go through my T-shirts. Give the ones I don't love to Goodwill.
102. Read This Is Not Over. Stay informed.
103. Continue to bond and build friendships with the people who are important to me.
104. Be there for the people I love. Always.
105. Make a 2006 To Do List.
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