I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

Goblet of Fire

I've had to go to the LIBRARY to read LJ because I can't stand being cut off from y'all. I can get comments and text messages and emails on my Blackberry, but no Internet. Quite pathetic, really.

I don't really think any of this is spoiler-ey since I haven't even formed real thoughts yet but I know some of you are being really cautious. So, if you want to stay clean, don't look behind the cut.

I've just come straight from the movie to here.

Lots of humor. I have Twin love for the first time.

Ron? SMOKING hawt.

Harry pending over to pick something up off the floor in Dumbledore's office while wearing very tight jeans? I'm swooning. Seriously. Where had Daniel Radcliffe been hiding THAT ass????? Also, he looks like he's lost an incredibly amount of weight since when the film was made and now. He's really buff in the movie and just so painfully thin now. I know he worked out and stuff during filming, so maybe that's why? Definitely like him better a little more bulked up.

Emma Watson looks teeny tiny and super young. Much younger than the boys. She NAILED the Yule Ball scenes. She's perfect. When she yells at Ron "You've ruined everything!"....it's just absolutely perfect.

And Neville! A-maz-ing. Crying at the window. And then after the Ball..."I've just come in! ME!"

I cried when Cedric's father told him good luck outside the maze. I can't remember the actor's real name but he is absolutely incredible. Really, really good actor.

The graveyard scene is beyond intense. Edge-of-your-seat-intense. Can't-breathe-intense.

Cried when Lily told Harry to "let go now." Cried HARD.

They didn't show the conversation from the end with the twins and Harry talking about opening the joke shop. That'll be a HUGE plot hole unless they pick it up in OotP, which I suppose, is easily done.

I tried to get a ticket to see it again tonight but it's already sold out. I did get tickets for wickedsin and I to see it tomorrow afternoon though. Woot. I'll never hear the end of it from her re: H/Hr shipping, however. (Sin, it was FREEZING in the theater, bring a sweater.) (Yes, I said that in my very best Mom voice.)

Those are my initial thoughts. I'll discuss more later, I promise.

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